Welcome letter

Dear friends and colleagues,

We are delighted to welcome you onboard for the 10th International Combined Undergraduate Surgical Masterclass “Essential Skills in the Management of Surgical Cases - Marathon Course” ,which takes place in Αthens between the 8th and 10th of April 2019. "ESMSC - Marathon Course" runs in the Experimental, Educational and Research Centre ELPEN providing the best and friendliest environment for advanced high-fidelity simulation-based learning

ESMSC is an International Combined Masterclass whose foundation date back in 2013. It first ran in November 2014 and currently involves a combination of high-fidelity In Vivo Simulation on swine model, ex vivo stations as well as dry lab simulation.

The current tetra-core esmsc curriculum (3rd generation version 9.0) "Cores Integrated fo(u)r Research - Ci4R" is an ergonomic combination of 32 stations which cover 4 fundamental learning Cores: Skills-based learning (C1), Case-based Approach (C2), Basic Science Workshops (C3) and Non-technical Skills Modules (C4). These Cores join together and facilitate numerous research modules which run smoothly in the same time, in order to generate new knowledge in the Undergraduate Surgical Education.

The whole effort is supported by Academics, Consultants and trainees primarily from the UK (Imperial College, KCL, University of Leeds etc), US (Harvard Medical School) as well as several countries of the EU including Germany, Denmark, Eastern Europe, Cyprus etc and all the Hellenic Institutions.

We look forward to welcome you in Athens.


the course designers

Apostolos E. Papalois, PhD, KGSJ, VPHMS, AMACS
Director of the Experimental, Educational and Research Centre ELPEN
Visiting Professor, Harvard Medical School

Michail Ch Sideris, MD, MDRes, PhD
Academic Specialty Registrar in O+G, London Deanery,
Queen Mary University of London, QMUL