The Experimental Research Center of Elpen Pharmaceuticals was established in 1996.

It has developed a great progress and activities since 1996 with lab facilities and equipment for biomedical and pharmaceutical research as well as for training and projects with other Institutions.


  1. Scientific Partnerships on innovative research ideas with clinics and laboratories of Greek Universities, the Greek National Health System and the private Hospital sector
  2. International Research Collaborations
  3. Experimental Projects of ELPEN with the General Secretariat for Research and Technology, the European Union and other bodies
  4. Preclinical (in vivo) Experimental Research on new molecules where ELPEN retains exclusive rights
  5. Medical Training for qualified specialists and young doctors and other scientists, in the form of certified workshops, Greek and international, properly organised (CME and certification)
  6. Scientific Updates on ELPEN's business development and the Center's operations, for institutes (universities, clinics, laboratories) under - and postgraduate students, doctors and other scientists

In our days, the Center is the largest facility for applied & translational research (in very close collaboration with all greek universities) and also the largest facililty for medical training in the whole country and among the biggest in the region.

Almost one course per week is the routine program, in various topics and always in close collaboration with other scientific bodies and societies around the world (with credits and CME).

Examples of courses and topics:

Laparoscopic and robotic surgery in swines, training with the use of simulators, Trauma Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Microsurgery, Definitive Surgical Trauma Course, ENT, Gastroenterology, Maxillofacial Surgery, Home hospitalization, Nursing Courses, Breast Surgery, Flap Surgery, Sialendoscopy, LAS Courses (laboratory animal science), courses for applied biomedical research and others.

For posters and relevant topics please see on section: courses.

The Head of the department,
Dr. Apostolos Papalois, Ph.D.