Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students - SSHMS

Welcome letter

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

The Scientific Society of Hellenic Medical Students (S.S.H.M.S.) constantly tries to pioneer in the field of medical education by producing educational events, with high-quality standards, delivered by students to students. In order to achieve this goal we need some very special friends. Friends with long experience in the field of innovative education, willing to help and co-operate and, most importantly, equipped with the same strong, youthful enthusiasm that we demonstrate when we are bound to organize a big course that aims to cross the borders of Greece. As a result, the collaboration with the Experimental - Research Center of ELPEN Co. Inc. came up as an excellent opportunity to get motivated, develop fruitful ideas and co-organize this very innovative project “ESMSC - Essential Skills in Management of Surgical Cases”. After the first 5 successful events, this 6th ESMSC, incorporates great improvements based on the attendees’ feedback, lasts 3 days and hosts 40 trainees this year, 20 from Greek medical schools and 20 from abroad.

The scientific programme consists numerous high-fidelity stations and interactive lectures, including ABCDE approach, Essential Trauma Cases, General and Emergency Surgical Cases, Basic Orthopedic Cases, Vascular Emergencies, Urological Emergencies, Plastic Surgery and Burns, Cardiothoracic Emergencies, Minimal Invasive Surgery, HPB and Transplant Surgery, ENT and Maxillofacial Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatric Surgery, Metabolic Surgery, Ophthalmology Emergencies, Post-operative Complications and Optimization, The surgical ward round checklist, Research and the next generation in the Surgical Education, Personalised medicine and Surgery, and it will truly be our great pleasure to have you discover them.

At this point we would like to thank, on behalf of SSHMS, mr. N. Staikoglou, mrs. E. Georgopoulou, mrs I. Tsagkaraki, mr. G. Paparoidamis and mr. S. Karamaroudis, for the time and the great effort they invested in organizing the 4th ESMSC. Last but not least, we would like to cordially thank Prof. mr. A. Papalois, director of the Exprerimental & Research Center of ELPEN Co. Inc., and mr. M. Sideris, Surgery resident at KCH, London UK and former President of SSHMS, as they are the main inspirators and orchestrators of the course.

We hope that, on the 9th of April, your choice to honor our effort and participate in the course will end up as a memory of 3 creative and exciting days (and nights!) in Athens. Can’t wait!

On behalf of the Organizing Committee,

Panteleimon Pentelidis
President of SSHMS

Nikolaos Staikoglou
Junior Curriculum Advison & Lead of the Students' Committee of ESMSC
President of the Department of Thessaloniki of SSHMS

Stefanos Karamaroudis
Member of the Students' Committee of ESMSC
President of the Department of Athens of SSHMS