esmsc Medical Education Research Group

The new Era in Research Opportunities for Medical Students around Europe
Experimental Research Centre ELPEN

The eMERG group was introduced as part of the esmsc activity, in order to promote Medical Education research. The main purpose of this idea is to set up a network of qualified clinicians, academics, basic scientists and passionate students, with the aim to conduct high quality research as part of the ESMSC course. The Academic Lead of the group is currently set under Dr A. Papalois and Dr M. Sideris, founders of the esmsc, in close collaboration with experienced academics who comprise the faculty of the course. This group will offer individual high quality teaching and mentorship, in order to run research projects as part of the course. The first paper, which summarizes the concept of the course, has already been accepted in Biomed Research International, while the first study is currently in writing stage. There are 2 more studies planned for which the esmsc Students’ committee will take advantage to participate and get guidance from ourexperienced panel of Academics.

Paparoidamis, is a 5th Year Medical Student in AUTH, and he is currently responsible for the set up of the Group with regular Meetings and close communication with our mentors, and especially Dr G. Tsoulfas, Ass. Professor in AUTH. Our upper purpose is to conduct Research in Animal Model based Education in view of delivering a better generation of well skilledsurgeons inspired and ready to offer the highest quality of care in our patients. The first plan of actions is currently set around esmsc students’ committee, and we aim to have a 1:1 collaboration (student: academic). This pilot trial, will set the ground to expand our group and this initiated in May 2016. We advertised 2 more places for motivated students who were asked to support their cv and academic aspirations. We would like to thank our entire faculty for their contribution towards the implementation of a new International Teaching Model, which will hopefully be the starting point of a new era in Surgical Education.

With kind regards,

Georgios Paparoidamis
5th Medical Student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Lead Coordinator of the eMERG(roup)

Nikolaos Staikoglou
5th Medical Student, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Lead of the Medical Students’ Committe